Why Play Wirelessly?

As you might imagine, the main reason people opt to play on their mobile devices is for convenience while on the go. While some would argue that making online gambling overly convenient has the potential to lead to gaming problems, from commutes on the train to getting in a game or two at the office without using work computers, there are all kinds of reasons people utilize mobile gambling sites other than the need to gamble constantly.

While most of us today have computers at home and/or work, most people don't carry their laptops around while they're on the road. Most of us do however carry our cell phones with us just about all the time, and with today's smart phones, their graphic displays and WAP enabled features, internet sites are easily available just about anywhere - including gambling sites.

Mobile gambling includes just about every type of wager you can imagine, from online casinos to online sports betting to bingo rooms and poker games. While some lend themselves better to mobile devices than others (we'd argue live poker games in particular can be a little tricky to negotiate and pay attention to on the small screen), where there's a will to gamble, there's a way to play on todays cell phones and other mobile devices such as tablet PCs, iPods, and other portable devices that are connected to the Internet.

While we don't do a lot of sports betting here at Online-Casinos, sports wagering in particular seems to be one of the most well adapted mobile gambling options - allowing punters to bet easily in front of the TV, at the local bar while watching or even while at the actual game. A number of popular sports betting venues have made great interfaces for customers on their mobile devices, allowing for easy access to bets as well as live scores and even live video feeds occasionally for certain events.

Mobile online casinos have a bit of catching up to do - while there are quite a few these days and they are expanding with the times, generally speaking they offer many fewer games than their normal computer friendly casinos - whether games are downloaded or browser based. This has a lot to do with trying to accomodate a wide variety of devices, there are hundreds of different cell phones available for purchase at any given time, most of which require adjustments in how the games are built and displayed - and the technology that powers said devices is constantly changing on top of that.

Other popular online gambling sectors such as bingo and poker have also started to pop up on mobile devices, though not quite as many as casino and sports betting options. This likely has a lot to do with the display contraints - it's difficult to show a 10 person table or play a half dozen bingo cards on a screen that's just a couple inches wide.

While mobile gambling is not likely (or intended to) replace full sized computers for regular play - most of today's players do have ready access to cell phones or other mobile devices - making it a natural extension for bettors on the go.