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What's The Difference With Mobile Gaming?

"Mobile casinos" generally refer to those that can be played on a mobile phone, though with the proliferation of tablet PC's into the market, iPads, iPods and other tablets PCs are often being targeted as well.

When the internet gaming market opened up in the 90's online gambling was primarily only PC friendly, with Macintosh users largely ignored and 'smart' phones; with their internet connectivity and colorful displays as of yet nonexistent. A surge in popularity among Apple fans saw many venues expanding their software to allow for Mac-play, as well as many browser-based versions that made their games accessible to just about anyone with a computer and operating system that had internet access.

While today's smart phones normally have internet access, they generally still require an alternative format to 'regular' casinos for two main reasons:

  1. Because the displays are much smaller on phones than computers:
    Even if the games were shrunk to fit these smaller screens, they would be very difficult to play if everything was scaled down proportionally. Mobile games are redesigned to accommodate the limited space available on a phones display, using things like oversized dice and cards, larger reels, etc. so they can be easily seen and played on the go.
  2. Because the software needs to accommodate the phones operating system:
    Browser based casinos normally use Flash technology to serve up their games, but iOS (used on Apple devices) for one doesn't support Flash at all. Therefore, casinos wishing to offer their games on these devices have to develop alternative software packages to accommodate these operating systems.

While the number of online casinos offering mobile solutions is growing, there are still relatively few options available compared to the number of gambling venues as a whole. Mobile casinos typically have fewer games available than their computer software counterparts as well, though they continue to offer more games as time goes by and the platform evolves.